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March Highlights @ ALICANA: Pre-listening activities

Pre-listening Activity

This activity was carried out as a pre-listening warm up activity. Students searched for different, important and unique places before being exposed to the recording. The places being searched and discussed were New York City – Machu Pichu – Taj Mahal – The Parthenon among others.
Pre-listening tasks aim to generate interest, build confidence and to facilitate comprehension.
In real life it is unusual for people to listen to something without having some idea of what they are going to hear. In our first language we rarely have trouble understanding listening. But, in a second language, it is one of the harder skills to develop – dealing at speed with unfamiliar sounds, words and structures. This is even more difficult if we do not know the topic under discussion, or who is speaking to whom, that’s why pre-listening activities are of utmost importance.