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March Highlights @ ALICANA: March, 24th

March 24th

Due to the relevance of the Argentinian holiday in remembrance of the last dictatorship that took place in our country, teachers prepared a number of activities that would allow students to reflect upon the importance of democracy and freedom. First, students were asked to say the reason why March 24th is national holiday and to speak about everything they knew about this date. Then, they were divided in groups in order to focus on a particular song. Each group had a different song and they needed to listen to it, get ready to explain the meaning of it to their classmates and find the circumstances in which it was written. After researching in the computer lab, students gathered in the classroom to present their findings. Finally, they watched two videos called “What is a democracy” and “3 types of government” in which they were exposed to specific vocabulary so that they could draw a comparison about dictatorships, monarchies and democratic governments.
There is strong connection between the values dealt in previous classes, such as freedom and tolerance, and the message we attempted to give by implementing these activities. Students were able to mention the practices and rights they have due to the fact that there is a democratic government in our country. They could also gain an understanding of the historical events and the importance of learning from past experiences.