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March Highlights @ ALICANA: Getting to know each other

Getting to know each other

Introductions and sharing personal information in English were key during the first lessons this year. Instead of just making use of a questionnaire, the teacher decided to accomplish this aim by playing Jenga. This game usually consists of a number of bricks that need to be taken from a “tower” and be placed at the top. In order to win, participants need to avoid letting the tower fall. There were questions on each brick so that students were selecting the questions they were supposed to answer. In addition, the teacher thought of forfeits for the participants who lost, for example: “Go to the library and bring a book about New York”.
After that, students were asked whether they liked their home town. Students mentioned the places that they consider interesting for tourists to visit in Santa Fe. Students worked labelling photos of Santa Fe. Then, a brainstorming was proposed about other places in various cities in the world, for instance: New York, Venice and Paris.
Students were really motivated to play the game and showed enthusiasm and interest during the activity. Jenga gave them the possibility of interacting in a relaxed atmosphere and focusing on meaning. In addition, the use of photos of Santa Fe and the fact that students could relate personally to the topic were very useful tools so that they could express their opinions, preferences and previous knowledge.