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March Highlights @ ALICANA: Freedom

Since ALICANA has received some DVDs to use during our lessons, the teachers decided to show students a very special one; it is called Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosental and Scott Magoon. The main topic of this movie is Tolerance.
Students got the message and we created a debate atmosphere.
After sharing Spoon DVD and talking about tolerance, freedom and society, the teachers presented the activity: Spoon was the trigger to encourage students to express themselves by submitting their own works of art telling the world what freedom means. Before we explained the whole Community Service Activity, we projected Secret Project Revolution 17-minute movie. This project, proposed by the American singer Madonna Ciccone and the photographer Steven Klein, intends to raise awareness about the importance of tolerance in order to help people realize that we can be more tolerant, we can be free, we can love each other, and we should treat our neighbor as a free human being too – after all, we all bleed the same color. This movement is titled ‘Art For Freedom’ and it has its own web page where people are requested to submit videos, photos, texts and the like representing freedom. The two famous artists mentioned above are in charge of choosing the best works daily and monthly. Students simply loved the fact that they could become artists by taking the most real or the most abstract picture, so we are going to participate so as to help institutions we will be choosing soon.
It was outstanding to have two native videos dealing with the same topic: Tolerance. So not only were students exposed to the English language, but also opening their minds to a universal topic. A topic that needs to be handled – in these days and age when lots of teenagers are suffering from bullying. Besides, we know it was not only a cause to be talked about at the BNC, but students will surely reflect on this spreading the word of a good social change.