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April Highlights @ ALICANA: Olympic Games and Sports

Since two students who belong to this class are participating in the Immersion Camp taking place in Cordoba the first days of May, we devoted some time to learning key vocabulary connected to sports and physical activities as well as discussing what it means to be a leader. Firstly, the video of the 2012 Olympic Games at London was watched so that students could make a list of the sports that appeared in it. After that, we analyzed the lyrics of the accompanying song: “Proud” by Heather Small. Some activities designed by the organizers of the Camp were carried out, for instance, learners proposed ways in which they could be leaders in their particular contexts. Finally, the lesson concluded by watching an inspirational video in which the experiences of well-known people who were leaders in various fields were described.
As most students in the class enjoy sports, they were engaged in the lesson. What is more, the fact that two of their classmates are participating in the camp was important for them. They understood that the content would be useful and showed enthusiasm about it. Learners could speak about the sports they practiced and their views on the value of physical activities in general. They expressed that they had enjoyed the videos since they were motivating.