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April Highlights @ ALICANA: Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day

This was a class especially devoted to Earth Day Celebration. We talked about the topic, did some reading comprehension activities and oral discussions on the topic, and as a round up activity I designed a quiz to be solved making the most of the beautiful posters we received from the US Embassy. These posters depict several landscapes, pictures of animals and pieces of artwork related to Earth Day.
Students had to find different items included in the pictures, describe animals, discover details and answer some questions in groups. In this way, working collaboratively, they could revise English vocabulary and content related to a very important date to raise awareness in society.
Students showed interest and enthusiasm solving the quiz and also shared the ideas we discussed in class later at home and school.

__________________________________________________earth day 1

Students were asked to reflect upon environmental issues. Then, they imagined their perfect world and made drawings with their dreams and suggestions to carry out their views.

The kids were expected to follow a number of points from a worksheet. Some of those points consisted of finding ‘X’ animal or ‘X’ people, for instance, from the different Earth Day posters. The class was divided into 2 groups and each of them was given this worksheet so as to start the activity. Once both groups finished, students were asked to name their favorite animals along with a description of them, and to name the ones which scare them most together with the reason why it frightens them.
According to the teacher: «Students were really enthusiastic while they were doing the research. I believe it encourages them to participate orally with other students and to negotiate different answers and meanings from the posters, provided that the activity is carried out in different groups. It makes them reflect not only about the native language to use, but also on the cultural aspects of the native culture – the American culture, since ‘Earth Day’ started in the US. «
earth day 2